General and Family Dentistry

Keeping Ellicott City’s Smiles Healthy

With Advanced General, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile and you’ll see it’s true – the world smiles with you! We want healthy smiles for you and the people you care about – that’s why we take dental care so seriously here at Ellicott City Smile Care.

We really do believe that everyone deserves a healthy, confident smile.

For smiles to stay healthy for life, you need dentistry that will grow with you and your family, dentistry that offers everything from dental exams and oral cancer screenings, to root canal therapy, oral surgery and emergency care.

A lifetime of dental care is vital to your health.

New studies show that oral health is linked directly to whole body health. When you are diligent about your regular general dental care, you are also caring for the health of your whole body as well. Count on Ellicott City Smile Care to give you the healthy care you need. Our dentistry stays with you, keeping everything strong, whole and as nature intended.

Whatever your dental needs are, we are here to keep your smile healthy – for life!

Composite Fillings

Instead of Mercury amalgam fillings to repair cavities and tooth decay, we offer our patients healthier, tooth colored fillings. These fillings are bonded to the tooth, strengthening and repairing all at once. They do not shift with temperature changes and patients report far less sensitivity with these restorations that with their old metal fillings. Best of all, white fillings blend perfectly with your teeth to keep your smile looking healthy and feeling great.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Get ready to smile! No longer just for celebrities, cosmetic dentistry is now available to almost anyone who wants to improve his or her appearance.

Are your teeth cracked, chipped, crooked, gapped, uneven, too small or short, discolored, stained, weak or breaking? Then cosmetic dentistry is your best choice for repairing and perfecting your smile.

Ellicott City Smile Care offers all the cosmetic dental services you need such as:

  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Dental Bonding
  • Smile Whitening (In Office & Liquid Smile take-home)
  • Tooth and Gum Contouring
  • Tooth Bonding
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • White fillings
  • Invisalign® clear braces

Whatever your cosmetic dental needs are, we can get your smile looking great in no time!

Crowns & Bridges

Crowns offer complete restoration and structural support for damaged or broken teeth. If you have old metal fillings that are causing your teeth to crack and crumble, a tooth that needs a root canal or teeth that are in need of cosmetic repair, a dental crown may be the solution you have been looking for. But crowns are not only used to repair and perfect your teeth – crowns have long been used as the anchors for a dental bridge.

Our dental bridges replace missing teeth by doing just what the name implies – bridging the gap between the teeth. They are held in place by strong and durable porcelain crowns.

The bridges we offer are fixed in place, meaning that you don’t have to pop your replacements out for cleaning or worry about them coming loose when you eat or talk. They are so comfortable that many people forget they are even there. And our bridges are beautiful as well as functional – in fact, they are so natural looking, no one will be able to distinguish them from your own teeth.

Dental Extractions

Once in a while, something happens to a tooth and it becomes too damaged to save. That’s when our super gentle and compassionate approach to oral surgery proves its worth. Every member of your family can relax knowing that we will make sure any extraction – from a simple tooth removal to impacted wisdom tooth extraction – is pain-free and comfortable. We offer oral sedation and Nitrous Oxide sedation to keep you absolutely calm and at ease, and with our soothing amenities and caring touch, you will be on your way to healing in no time!

After your extraction, why not talk to us about our tooth replacement options? Tooth replacement is very important – without teeth to hold everything in place your remaining teeth can shift, your bite can became off balance, speech problems can develop and gum disease can occur.


No one wants to go around without his or her smile! That’s why we offer, comfortable, balanced, well-fitting dentures. Our dentures never look false and they won’t leave you feeling like your teeth belong to someone else!

Family Dentistry

We can meet all your family dentistry needs with our gentle care – all in one convenient location. From your children’s first check-ups to dental emergencies and extractions, we do it all. We offer:

  • Advanced oral exams and screenings
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Pain-free injections
  • Cavity care and fillings
  • Bad breath treatments
  • Porcelain inlays and onlays
  • Root Canal therapy

Implant Restoration

The most innovative tooth replacement option available today is dental implants. Dental implants not only replace your tooth, they permanently replace the root as well, for a tooth that looks feels and functions just like a natural tooth. This means you can eat whatever you want, smile with confidence and speak without a worry in the world.

If you are interested in a dental implant, we can work with our trusted oral surgeons on the placement of the implant post. While your post is healing in place, we will create a beautiful porcelain replacement tooth that will be permanently placed over the implant post.

If you already have an implant, but the tooth portion needs repair, we can create a new implant replacement tooth and securely attach it to your existing implant post.

Whatever your tooth replacement needs are, we have a beautiful and comfortable solution to get you smiling again.

Root Canal Therapy

Do you have a toothache? You may have an infection brewing in your tooth. If left without treatment, this infection could lead to having your tooth pulled – and no one likes that!

There is a better alternative: a root canal.

A root canal is simply a way to clean out the infected tissues inside your tooth. We start by creating an opening in the enamel, just as we would for a filling. Once access is obtained, we carefully clean and disinfect the nerve canals. These canals are then sealed and topped with a strong and protective porcelain crown.

No more infection and you get to keep your tooth! It’s that easy!