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Do you suffer from frequent headaches, jaw pain or upper body discomfort? Does your jaw make grinding noises or pop when you yawn? Have you had some trouble getting a definitive diagnosis for your pain or are you currently taking pain medications? You could be suffering from TMJ disorder, a condition that affects over 10 million people in the U.S. Ninety percent of those people are women in their childbearing years.

Dr. Stephen Levy and Dr. Joel Freedenberg at Ellicott City Smile Care can help you find relief and get off your pain medication with our advanced TMJ dental treatments.

What Exactly is TMJ?

TMJ isn’t the name of the syndrome – it is the name of the joint that is affected by it. What most people call TMJ would more accurately be called TMJD or TMD…Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.

Put your finger gently in front of your ears and open and close your mouth. The movement you feel is the Temporomandibular joint or your TMJ moving. This tiny joint is absolutely crucial to your well-being – without it, you couldn’t speak yawn, chew or laugh. In fact, you use this joint more than any other joint in the body.

Clenching or grinding your teeth or your bite is off balance, the joint can become inflamed and the muscles around it sore and tense. That’s what causes all the pain and discomfort of TMD – and it affects your entire upper body, even your mood and mental function! Clenching and grinding also contributes to gum recession, tooth fractures and loss of tooth structure.

What Can Ellicott City Smile Care do to Help?

Our TMJ procedures focus on restoring function to the soft tissues that support the TM joint. It is a unique and tremendously effective approach – instead of simply focusing on your joint, we offer a preventive approach to help you feel better fast!

At your first treatment visit, we will take an impression of your teeth, along with a bite registration. So we can create a super custom comfortable orthotic for you to wear. This orthotic will encourage your muscles and jaw into their correct positioning.

The treatments feel great and the results are superior, allowing patients to speak, chew, sing, yawn – and live! – with renewed comfort and function!