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Over 90% of adults will experience tooth decay at some point in their life. Most of these cavities can be solved with a small filling.

However, left untreated for too long, this decay can spread and start an infection in your tooth pulp and root. When this happens, a high-tech, modern root canal may be required.

At Ellicott City Smile Care, we offer endodontic treatments to stop decay and infection right in its’ tracks. Our high-tech root canal treatments are effective and focused on your comfort.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal involves removing infected tooth pulp from inside a problematic tooth. The tooth canal is then be sealed with a filling. Finally, you’ll be fitted with a durable, long-lasting dental crown, restoring the health of your tooth.

Modern, high-tech techniques make this process simple, comfortable, and effective.

Signs You May Need A Root Canal

Your teeth are very sensitive to hot and cold
Chewing is painful (especially in one area)
You’ve chipped or fractured a tooth
Gums are swollen and tender around a tooth

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Our Approach to Your Care & Comfort

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from getting the root canal treatment you need.
At Ellicott City Smile Care, we understand that you might be fearful of the dentist. That’s why we offer the latest dental techniques combined with a friendly and gentle approach.

You really won’t believe how far dentistry has come when you experience this new type of stress-free care.

Remember: The longer you wait, the more extensive (and costly) the dental treatment may be. Give us a call and together, we’ll help you take control of your health today.

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